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MEHTA TUBES LIMITED, an Integrated Manufacturing Unit based in Mumbai (Works: Valsad / Gujarat), commenced its operations in 1988. After the liberalisation of the Indian economy, the company has brought state-of-the-art technology with sophisticated indigenous and imported equipment to manufacture Copper & Copper alloy tubes to meet the domestic and overseas requirements. Today, 'MEXFLOW' Brand Copper Pipes manufactured by Mehta Tubes Limited is the first choice for all Medial Gas Pipe Lines systems consultants and installation engineering organisation throughout India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, U.A.E. & Nepal. Our in-house inspection of 'MEXFLOW' Copper Pipes is widely accepted by all consultants, hospitals & installation engineering firms. In addition, we provide inspection by any reputed third party inspection Agencies.

We are engaged in fabricating, supplying and exporting a wide range of copper pipes & tubes and copper fittings. Broadly, our range of products includes of Copper Tubes for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Copper Tubes for Plumbing, Copper pipes & tubes for Medical Gas Pipeline, Heating, Heat Exchangers & Radiators etc.

Since our establishment, we have been committed towards providing high quality products to our clients. For this reason, we not only follow international manufacturing standards but also conduct regular quality checks. All our business procedures are carried out under the perfect guidance of our team of experts, which is well aware with the latest changes of the industry.

Company Factsheet

Nature of Business: Manufacturer
Additional Business:
  • Exporter
  • Wholesaler
Company CEO: Nishit Morakhia
Year of Establishment: 1988
Legal Status of Firm: Limited Company (Ltd./Pvt.Ltd.)
Annual Turnover: Upto Rs. 50 Lakh
Tan No.: AHMM0*****
GST No.: 27AACCM9337R1ZN
CIN No.: U27109GJ1988PLC010794

Manufacturing Facilities

Latest manufacturing facilities have enabled us to achieve a high production rate. Our factory unit is spread across an area of 2500 sq. ft. and is divided into several sections, such as: At our in-house designing unit, we make use of latest versions of CAD and CAM software to design and develop our range of products as per the specifications of our clients.

Quality Assurance

To become a reckoned name amongst the manufacturers of copper products, we have laid immense importance towards the quality aspect. Each and every stage of our manufacturing process is monitored at regular intervals. Further, we have framed a quality policy, which states that:

“We are committed to make the organization growth-oriented, manufacturers and suppliers of Copper - based alloy item for various application, to customer’s
satisfaction. This shall be achieved by complying and monitoring the Effectiveness of Quality Management System established in the organization and through
continual improvement."

Our Mentor

Owner of our organization, Mr. Mukesh Mehta has been guiding us in this highly competitive sector. It is due to his visionary leading capabilities that we have been able to mark our presence at the global level.

Product Portfolio

It is our commitment towards quality that we have established ourselves as a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a wide range of copper and copper alloy tubes, rods, bars, strips and profiles. Our wide range of products includes Copper Tubes for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Copper Tubes for Other Applications and Copper Alloys Tubes. Adding on, we also offer Copper Bus Bar, Profiles and Rods, Copper Coils and Strip and Plates for Earthing System as well as Copper Fittings.

Features: To meet the requirements of our clients, we customize our range of products in terms of manufacturing and packaging.

Benefit from our expertise and experience.
At Mehta Tubes, total quality is the objective of every department of the company. The professional expertise combined with the modern manufacturing processes ensures that Mexflow Copper Pipes are made to high standards of quality, meeting the requirements of each of our clients. The quality control team ensures that each product adherse to International specification like BIS:EN 1057, ASTM and IS. Dispatches from our factory are inspected by reputed 3rd party inspectors like Lloyds, SGSetc.

Mexflow Copper Pipes are also available with IBP Conex (UK) fittings for the complete Copper Plumbing solution.

Our Clientele

We firmly believe that clients are an important asset of an organization. Hence, all our operations are directed and streamlined towards satisfying our clients through high performing and durable range of copper and copper alloy tubes, rods, bars, strips and profiles.

We make sincere efforts to comprehend the needs of our customers and customize our range in accordance with the specifications of our clients. With a vast clientele all across the globe, we have established ourselves as an organization that builds its success from constant innovation.

Teamwork, commitment, integrity and excellence are the factors that forms the foundation of our success. Our vast list of clients includes:

About Copper

Copper Facts Copper is a natural element – a metal that has been one of mankind’s most useful and valuable materials. It is represented by the chemical symbol Cu and the atomic number 29.

Copper is also an essential nutrient that is required by virtually all higher life forms. It is an essential component of dietary nutrition that enables the body to metabolize energy and function properly. As with humans, plants and animal health rely on adequate copper intake. The world’s two most important food crops – rice and wheat – are both highly dependent on sufficient copper in soil.

Copper has been indispensable to human progress. In fields ranging from medical equipment to energy efficiency, from jet planes to satellites, from television to the Internet, Copper is vital to our well being in day-to-day life.

Copper is by far the most sustainable gift of nature’s bounty. For as long as humans have put copper to use, they have taken advantage of the fact that it is virtually one hundred percent recyclable. It has always made economic sense to retrieve as much copper as possible from a product, at the end of its life cycle, and re-use it for some new purpose. Moreover, most copper in use, such as roofing, wiring, and plumbing, will remain in use for over half a century. Copper Insights Some of the earliest uses of copper we know of dates back to the cave men who used axes and other weapons made of copper. All the way from the Egyptian pyramids to Mohenjo Daro, archaeologists have discovered copper used to make statues and even plumbing systems. What surprised them was the fact that the plumbing was found to still be serviceable in our time!

Ancient belief systems found to be based on scientific facts have proven that Copper, drinking water in copper vessels due to the metal’s anti-fouling properties. considered to be a ‘pure’ metal was best for storing food. Our ancestors would store

Did you know that some of the fastest micro processors in the world are made partly from copper? A major part of the connectors and instrument parts used in space crafts and rockets use copper.

Copper is one of the best and safest conductors of electricity and has replaced aluminium in all areas including house wiring.

Think about this:
Replacing all Aluminium wound transformers with copper can result in annual energy savings of 4500 million kehr of energy and Rs. 1800 crores for India.

The daily dietary recommendation of copper for an adult is 1-2 mg and for a child is 0.5-I mg.

Expectant mothers are advised to double their intake of copper during the third trimester to ensure proper foetal development.

Architectural uses of copper can remain in place for more than a century.

Why Mexflow

Discover the Benefits of Mexflow Copper Pipes Mexflow Copper Pipes offer customers a superior Plumbing solution. After all, people around the developed world enjoy the benefits of Copper Plumbing. Discovered millions of years ago. Copper is a versatile metal and can withstand varied temperature conditions and high water pressures, without springing leaks. Zero Leakage with Mexflow Copper Pipes There are no threads on Mexflow Copper Pipes. The pipes are joined together by soldering or brazing, making them 100% leak-proof. What's more, Mexflow Copper Pipes can handle extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for usage across the country. No. Maintenance with Mexflow Copper Pipes A well-installed Copper Plumbing system is durable and lasts for up to 50 years. Besides, Mexflow guarantees you hi-purity Copper for long life Stop the brown water problem with Mexflow Copper Pipes Mexflow Copper Pipes are non-porous and inert. They do not react easily with other materials. Their natural resistance to rust eliminates the problem of 'brown water', which is a problem in galvanized iron plumbing. Also, due to their smooth inner surface, scaling and sediment deposition in the pipes are reduced, thus giving you clear water, day after day, for years. Low Cost Easy Installation Mexflow Copper Pipes are not expensive. Copper Plumbing for a bathroom is cost effective. Also, it is faster to install. Gl plumbing for the same bathroom would take a full day to install, while Copper Plumbing can be installed in a few hours. Benefit from our expertise and experience At Mehta Tubes, total quality is the objective of every department of the company. The professional expertise combined with the modern manufacturing processes ensures that Mexflow Copper Pipes are made to high standards of quality, meeting the requirements of each of our clients. The quality control team ensures that each product adheres to international specifications like BIS:EN 1057,

Dispatches from our factory are inspected by reputed 3rd party inspectors likeLloyds, SGSetc.

Also available with Mexflow Copper Pipes are IBP Conex fittings for the complete Copper Plumbing solution.

Copper Benefits

Copper Benefits
You can depend on copper, in large or small diameters, for liquid or gas, for high or low pressure systems under a wide range of temperatures, and reduce costs for any mechanical system.

Key benefits offered by copper tube include: Versatility Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, corrosion resistivity, and durability. Copper tubes are available in two basic types- plumbing and for air conditioning/refrigeration. Easy to use and install, these tubes are available in both drawn (hard) and annealed (soft) tempers types. These tubes are also available in a wide range of diameters (from 1/8 inch to 12 inches) and wall thicknesses. Fittings that suit every design and application can readily be obtained. Variety of Applications Mehta Tubes manufactures copper tubes for all kinds of mechanical systems. They can be used for a variety of uses such as: Wide Range of Sizes Mehta Tubes offers copper tubes in a large variety of dimensions. These tubes can be availed in large or small diameter, to fit every specifications. These tubes are perfect for forced-circulation of hot water heating systems and are economical with soldered joints and require less space for installation.

We also offer copper tubes to be used in drainage systems.
Problem-Free Performance Copper has been used for plumbing and mechanical systems since metals were first employed in these applications. It offers a dependable performance and hence more use of copper in an installation assures reliability. Popularly used in heating systems, it is considered superior to other metals. Long Lasting and Maintenance Free Copper has been used for century and satisfied its customers with its durability. It has gain new popularity in its new form, light, strong, corrosion-resistant tube. These tubes are long lasting, maintenance- free and hence are extensively used for plumbing, heating, cooling and other mechanical systems. In addition, the green film that forms inside the copper tube is a natural protection against corrosion.
Corrosion Resistance Copper's excellent corrosion resistance property and hence is used in many systems.
High Thermal Conductivity Copper has high thermal conductivity and heats up eight times better than other metals.
Easy to Join and Install Copper is also advantageous as it adds system integrity and also lowers installation costs as well as labor costs. Copper tubes and fitting can easily be joined metallurgically by soldering or brazing and as copper is ductile and can be customized to fit most design configurations. An Abundant Resource Copper is abundantly available and our stocks will lasts for years. In addition, copper has an advantage; it can be recycled, owing to which half of the copper used in India comes from recycled scrap, which has been and will be used over and over again.


What are the advantages of copper plumbing?
Copper is beneficial as it remains unrivaled by any other metal and thus is the most used and preferred choice in many developed countries. When you say soldered joints, will I require skilled manpower for installation?
Not a highly skilled job, but soldering does require basic training in order for flawless joints with copper. Training for plumbing is provided by our partners, who help our clients with the installations.

Copper sulphate, the green layer that forms on copper, is harm full for health. How can you recommend copper plumbing?
The green layer that forms on copper is a naturally occurring protective copper oxide layer known as Patina. It is non-toxic and does not affect the quality of water. The layer is not copper sulphate and is completely safe. Extensively used in developed countries for plumbing purposes, copper holds 80% market share in US, Australia and developed nations. If the copper was harmful, it would not have been used for plumbing in these countries.

Can copper plumbing be used for concealed plumbing? What dimensions are copper pipes available in?
Copper pipes are best suited for concealed plumbing and can be used for both hot and cold water applications. These tubes can be availed in diameter range of 15mm to 159mm diameter pipes and in various tempers.

Copper pipes are soft. Can they withstand pressure?
Soft copper pipes are not used for plumbing but find application in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Copper pipes used for plumbing are made to hard tempers in compliance with relevant standards for usage and have excellent pressure handling capacities.

Since copper is a good conductor of heat, can I use it for hot water lines? Will it result in heat loss?
Like any other material being used for hot water lines, copper pipes also require insulation, which can be provided post-installation, ensuring the reduction of heat loss. In fact, copper plumbing is best suited for this application, as copper pipes have low co-efficient of linear expansion unlike plastics.

How can you say that copper plumbing is leak proof ?
Threaded joints are prone to corrosion and leaks. Copper plumbing is a solution to these problems, as the pipes are joint by the soldering process that is fast and simple and provides leak proof plumbing. These pipes and tubes are pressure tested to ascertain any leakages in the system.

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