Copper Pipes and Tubes

Copper Pipes & Tubes

Copper Pipes & Tubes

We are leading Manufacturer of Copper Pipes & Tubes and our product is made up of good quality.

Mexflow Copper Pipes & Copper Tubes for Medical Gas Pipeline

Medical gas pipeline system for hospitals:
A centralized MGPS is today recognized as a basic life support infrastructural requirement of a hospital. It's a life saver in places like OT, ICU. CCU and Nursery saving effort and time required at emergency situations. Mexflow MGPS have overcome all the disadvantages with respect to conventional gas cylinder. Ensuring never-ending supply of oxygen and or vacuum to help and clinician/caregiver save his/her patient without concern.

Mexflow meets the mandatory inspection requirements:

Chemical composition
Copper + Silver = minimum 99.90%
Phosphorous = minimum 0.015%. max 0.040%

Carbon Content Test
Window based software determines the content of carbon on the inner surface of copper tubes and fittings using combustion method,

Tensile strength
Mexflow pipes have been tested to the best of its tensile strength keeping in mind all the testing norms in the industry.

Non Destructive test
Each tube is subjected to an Eddy current test for detection of local defects. We are the only manufacturer of this category (Medical) of tubes

Mexflow Copper Tubes Compatible for CFC-Free Refrigerant for VRV, VRF, RACs, Visicooter, Refrigerator and Other ACR Applications
The use of copper in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems has grown steadily in recent years. MEXFLOW tubes increases the efficiency of the system and substantially reduces the emission of harmful gases and SPMs. MEXFLOW copper tubes are designed for longer service life.

Mexflow Copper Pipes Are Also Available With Mexflow Copper Fittings For The Complete ACR Applications.

Other Applications of MEXFLOW Copper Pipes: Medigas Pipeline Plumbing LPG/CNG Gas Pipeline I City Gas Distribution.

Copper Heat Exchangers & Radiators

Copper Heat Exchangers & Radiators

We are leading Manufacturer of Copper Heat Exchangers & Radiators and our product is made up of good quality.

The range of Copper Heat Exchangers and Radiators, made with special alloys, are lighter but yet stronger than traditional soldered copper/brass radiators.

New technologies like laser welding are used to manufacture advanced copper radiators. They are of superior quality, more durable and efficient than the conventional soldered radiators.

The combination of unique properties of copper and brass, such as superior thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, highly favorable life-cycle energy use, virtual 100% recyclability, and exceptionally low energy cost as remanufactured scrap, makes it clear that still the oldest known metal is even better for future car and truck radiators.

Competitive Advantages of Copper (Versus Aluminum Radiators)

Technical :
  • High tensile yield strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lower coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Higher modulus of elasticity
  • Higher melting point
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Easy repair ability
  • No-flux brazing
Commercial :
  • High-quality reputation
  • Well-established aftermarket tradition (infrastructure in place)
  • High scrap value
  • Lower fabrication cost for tube and header material
  • Well-established recycling tradition (infrastructure in place)
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